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Freedom Elevated : Firearm Safety Training Simulation Program

Freedom Elevated : Firearm Safety Training Simulation Program

Damien Allen 2052 Views
This idea was a winner! Damien Allen was awarded $5,000 in November 2020

About Idea

With record breaking numbers with new firearm ownership , the amount of training and access can be and has traditionally been difficult for people with few resources. As a certified instructor , this simulation can be a tool to help not only train new firearm owners but seasoned owners and the youth. Ammunition and access to traditional ranges are no longer a issue with this training tool, while offering the simulation I can also provide a more robust and solid foundation that could save lives,  prevent accidents, and bring a higher level of awareness to firearm owners in our community.


The entire community can Benefit from this program coming to life , my goal is also to reach out to organizations that look to help and empower all types who have been victims of rape and domestic violence. Our city has had a challenging year and the lack of respect , education and proper foundation with firearms is what has contributed to these challenges. With this simulation, not only will we go over proper use but I will also have the ability to use scenarios that explain the law.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The money will be used To fund this simulation program and start offering this to different community organizations and citizens in our city that wouldn’t normally have the resources to become educated.

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About Damien Allen

My name is Damien Allen and I’m also known as DJ Composition. I’ve had a passion for firearms since a youth at OHHS and participated in our ROTC shooting program. The effects of COVID has put my Djing business on hold, and has given me the opportunity to take courses to become certified in basic pistol and cpl training. I’ve noticed the lack of strong and safe firearm education and foundations. I wanted to be proactive in changing that, so maybe in the future we have fewer headlines of Victims.

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