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Freedom Elevated : Virtual  Range Simulator

Freedom Elevated : Virtual Range Simulator

Damien Allen 469 Views

About Idea

With the virtual range experience, this will bridge the gap between folks brand new to firearms and help those with experience
get even better.
We do this by Embracing technology
And using sound fundamentals of safe firearm handling.
We provide an experience that traditional ranges just can’t offer. 
With the price and availability of ammo becoming more expensive and harder to get,
our simulator can place you in a scenario that could enhance your skills to be better prepared , without the use of live ammo,  that firing at paper targets just can’t duplicate .
replica firearms that recoil
gives users a realistic , and safer
introduction to the proper use of firearms. Compared to high costs for a indoor range or need for high priced and large amounts of land outside of the city limits , this is a lower cost solution that can empower all communities.


With a historic increase of firearm sales , many communities are poorly supported on how to properly use firearms and when. Our simulator not only provides our communities with safe firearm handling that could prevent the 3 thousand plus accidents a year . It also can help students de-escalate a situation , or respond to a encounter legally , and protect loved ones from death, great bodily harm or sexual assault. All while developing a safe strategy before, during, or after an encounter.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Here is the breakdown of the 25k and how it will be utilized to build and mobilize my business. While empowering the community .
$2000 towards marketing costs and website enhancements for a more user friendly experience.
$5000 towards hiring a safety range officer/ assistant for one year .
$8750 towards another virtual range and additional equipment.
$2500 towards my FFL license and fees , to create another revenue stream from online transfers . While providing a more personal feel for those looking to buy firearms compared to big box stores .
The remaining $6750 will be used for operational expenses.

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About Damien Allen

I’ve had a passion for firearms and 2nd amendment rights for Over twenty years , helping others and organizing free events, I went and became certified by the two largest organizations in America to become a pistol and cpl instructor. My drive behind this idea , was to help fill the gaps of misinformation on firearms in my communities. In hopes that I can do my part in saving lives . And empower those who wouldn’t normally have the ability to learn, in a safe and comfortable environment.

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