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Gallafe Presents: Filipino Pop-Up Restaurant

Gallafe Presents: Filipino Pop-Up Restaurant

Zyra Castillo 664 Views

About Idea

Gallafe is expanding from an online food gallery to hosting a pop up restaurant featuring Filipino cuisine. Filipino cuisine is a fusion of indigenous, other Asian, Spanish, and Western influence. There are currently no Filipino restaurants downtown Grand Rapids. Along with staple foods, I will create fusion with other Asian cuisine that will honor the original flavors. Each dining experience will differ from small and simple to large fiesta style events. Filipino Fiestas are large parties or festivals. Fiestas will feature one or multiple collaborators to enhance the celebration. Menus will serve unconventional features such as background facts, and art along with food items.  Such events will need space, planning and require a larger budget. Through collaborative effort and asking assistance from the community, I can organize a successful event that can accommodate more people.


Gallafe will host collaborative events as educational and cultural experiences. Chicago’s Kultura Festival inspired me to host a similar Fiesta for Grand Rapids where food, art, music, and personalities can mingle. This is where I can help encourage GR on a path to expand Filipino cuisine, and challenge ideas of Asian fusion through Gallafe. Each pop-up event is a step towards building an establishment. All community members are welcome from foodies, to the curious.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5000 will be used as a startup fund and help purchase the necessary tools/storage/transport for hosting a dinner event and Fiesta. This will allow Gallafe to create buzz and gain revenue to become more self sustaining. As the business grows, more dinner events will be made possible. Eventually the pop up can evolve into brick and mortar.

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About Zyra Castillo

I was born in the Philippines and have been a Michigan native since 1990. While growing up I watched my parents turn a party store into a restaurant. It sparked my interest in food and cooking. As an artist and teacher, ideas of community, identity, and culture echoes in my art, and teaching practices. My business is another vehicle for teaching. I want to bring Filipino cuisine to the unfamiliar, and give fellow Pinoys a taste of home, and create a space for community in the city.