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GARABATO Cultural Studio

GARABATO Cultural Studio

Erick Picardo 66 Views

About Idea

Since 2009 the local artist from the Caribbean been providing art and craft workshop also traditional Caribbean dance and drumming entertainment to the public through many local organizarin and private local business. It’s appealing to both more youthful and more mature audiences. It has been incredibly important for us to continue working and developing art projects and services in a effective ways specially for low income families members.
Through the years we got the opportunity to create and develop a lot of projects that involved community members.
Our services includes original art and craft sales. Decorative art elements for art collectors and art lovers. Currently we offers an unique art and craft workshops and online sales online for all that help us to operate our business during the pandemic.


Engagement in community arts activities is contribute to personal and social development and build new skills and knowledges; improved communication and organizing skills, increased capacities to collect,
Social benefits: include enhanced connections and improved local image, stronger sense of place, identity.
Investing in local art programs and artists contributes to the well-being and culture of the community overall, making it a more attractive place for talent to live and work.

What I Will Do With $5,000

New équipement:
Laptop- Professional photo cámara & new light equipment

Art supplies and material

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About Erick Picardo

I am a local Multidisplinary artist CEO - THE CARIBBEAN COALITION FOR THE ARTS &CULTURE;

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