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Garden Geeks Urban Farm

Garden Geeks Urban Farm

Chris Marsman 1438 Views
This idea was a winner! Chris Marsman was awarded $5,000 in February 2020

About Idea

Microgreens are between 8-40% more nutrient dense than fully grown greens. They can be used to eat individually out of the package as a snack which kids love! Or you can add them to tacos, soups, burgers, sandwiches, smoothies, pizzas and more.

I can provide people with an outlet to get the greens without paying outrageous prices that other growers charge. Other growers charge around $25 for a 4 oz container. The grocery markets I have partnered with are setting prices around $2.99 for 2 oz and $3.99 for 4 oz containers. My micros are available in markets like Bridge Street Market, Kingma’s Market and Ken’s Market. Also about to launch into Horrock’s Market, Doorganics and a couple stores in Lansing and Detroit.

My competitors only deliver to your door or sell at farmers markets for 5x the price.  However you will be able to order from Doorganics delivered to your door along with other great products for the same prices as you pay to my competitor’s for only 4 oz of their micros.


Anyone buying greens will benefit from my product. We grow the greens locally in Grand Rapids, Mi. They are grown without the use of chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. I am able to provide a nutrient dense product all year by growing inside. My product is on the shelf of within 24 hours of harvest. I think it’s important to know who is growing your food. There are too many large companies recalling greens for contamination. They don’t care what goes on your plate and into your body. I do care!

What I Will Do With $5,000

I would purchase more racking and lights to expand the operation to meet current demand. The lights would be LED to make the grow more energy friendly. I would add a hydroponic flood and drain system for daily watering. This is will cut down on time spent watering and use less water making it more efficient. Adding a harvesting machine is critical to keeping the price low because it would save over 12 hours a week. I would purchase better fans for better air flow to increase product quality.

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About Chris Marsman

A couple years ago I started growing microgreens for my own smoothies after the gym. Friends and family began to try my micros and encouraged me to bring them to market. Growing micros has turned into a passion that allows me to bring incredibly nutritious locally grown greens to people in my community. My dream is to develop this into an educational experience for youth and hopefully an incubator for other urban farm startups.

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