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Gather-GR is a new way to create social and networking opportunities, built upon meaningful and authentic experiences. I love connecting people, and I love creating experiences for people. Gather-GR will do both of those things! The focus on female entrepreneurs as well as the women in Grand Rapids who are actively looking to support their community will separate Gather-GR from the pack, and will allow for us to constantly curate programming and opportunities specific to those involved.

Building a brand and reputation is always a challenge because it’s a slow process. But Gather-GR’s Instagram already has over 350 followers. Event programming and management takes a lot of time and financial resources.  I’ve already hosted two events that were paired with women-owned local businesses, and the right first step will help build a nest egg to continue planning and growing.


The women in Grand Rapids who are entrepreneurs; women in Grand Rapids who are like-minded in their brief in supporting local businesses; women who are new to Gran Rapids and are looking to create a support system; Female entrepreneurs who are looking to build their network.

There will be in-person experiences to meet and connect with other women in Grand Rapids. There will also be a 24/7 support system found online on social media platforms. Relationships will foster in a wide variety of ways.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5000 is a great stepping stone to help launch Gather-GR into the next phase. It will allow for more marketing efforts to be build and implemented. It will also help in financing larger events that could reach a greater audience. A female-centric work space is in the dream plan and that money could help in finding and creating a space for that to happen.

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About Leigh Rapaport

Born and raised in Grand Rapids. Lived in Manhattan but moved back to enjoy all the GR has to offer. Love being involved in the community - I'm a graduate of the GR Chambers 2015 class of Emerging Leaders, and I'm currently on the board for the Jewish Federation of Grand Rapids. I have a passion for creating positive and meaningful experiences for people. Lover of wine, photography, and pop culture. I have a rescue dog named Frankie and he's the cutest dog in the entire world.

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