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The American economy is rapidly transforming itself into a GIG or freelance economy.  Companies continue to downsize, lay off workers and improve their bottom line.  Many experienced executives across all industries are losing their jobs and can not find employment over 50.  This trend will result not only in higher unemployment but a serious brain drain to the U.S. economy.  GIG50+ hopes to counter this by offering a platform where executives can list their expertise and skills and hourly rate for short-term 3, 4 or 6 month or longer assignments.  This platform will also be a talent bank for companies to access and search for individuals with specific skills in Management, Marketing, Sales, IT, Business Development, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Legal, Manufacturing, International, etc..  There is not a similar platform at the moment.  Future efforts will be made to liaise and partner with AARP, the SBA and LinkedIn.  The company’s revenues will come from a flat 10% fee and advertisers.


GIG50+ will benefit both individuals who are unemployed, semi-retired or retired seeking additional income sources as well as companies who will not have to pay benefits or health insurance.  This platform will help companies to be more profitable and to help individuals maintain employment in the new GIG economy.  With individuals living longer and with continual financial responsibilities in their 50’s and 60’s, this platform will help provide security for them and stabilize our society.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5000 will be used to build the website platform and app.

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About Peter Gower

I have an MBA and MIM and have worked 30 years in Global Business Development & Sales with major for and beverage companies. After my position was terminated with Welch Foods, I applied to over 250 jobs and networked greatly in the Western Michigan community. I quickly realized that companies were not hiring individuals over 50. After speaking with countless executives and HR personnel, I realized that there are millions of us who have to adapt to the new GIG economy. I wish to help others.

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