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GigGot is a peer to peer platform with a main purpose to empower artists and connect communities. It works by enabling artists to advertise themselves, as well as hosts & venues to advertise event openings, allowing them to find each other, collaborate, and get the gig!

Anyone can now be a host, be it for your party, wedding, or other event, you can now find a reliable, talented performer as easy as ordering the pizza. GigGot is built by musicians and event planners, so it’s got you covered. With extensive features to find the perfect artists such as reviews, ratings, gig history, music lists, and much more.

GigGot replaces traditional booking agents for small to medium venues and bars.

GigGot acts as a personal promoter for artists, allowing them to find gigs and get noticed based on talent and performance, not solely money or connections.

GigGot then reformats event booking data, providing fans with an information packed, local event calendar. Fans can find great shows on GigGot!


GigGot connects the live performance community like never before.

Booking is still reliant on booking agents. Gigging is reliant on personal networks and expensive promoters.  Two middlemen taking huge cuts kills new artistic creation and discourages growing performers.

GigGot bypasses this, allowing artists to grow and create more art. It improves variety of talent for venues. It also opens a new avenue for people to get involved with artists.

GigGot can forever change live performance.

What I Will Do With $5,000

GigGot is entering it’s most vital stage. After 10 months of heavy development, it is nearly ready for launch.

The $5,000 is needed for marketing efforts during launch and beyond. We have been working closely with local venues and artists in the Lansing area, preparing the platform to work for them. Funding is needed for us to get the message out to other areas, and attract users to the platform. We have worked extremely hard to create a great product, we now need funding to let people know.

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About Hew Hamilton

I am a musician as well as a developer, a student, and an aspiring entrepreneur. I spend all of my time creating, be it my business GigGot, writing music, performing with my band, or working on some other project. I believe that art is an extremely important part of our society. Everyone can enjoy art, and it always brings emotion to people. I aim for people to be more aware of art in their communities, to interact with it, and empower the artists who create it.

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