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Right now it is hard to tell which makeup products are safe, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly without using an app or an inordinate amount of researching online. GIRLPALOOZA will make that easy by doing all three.  I would like to develop a cruelty-free, eco-friendly, clean and, where possible, vegan cosmetic line for girls. In addition to providing a superior product, part of our mission will also be to support female empowering charities. My biggest road block is funding as it is not cheap to start a cosmetic line. Fortunately, indie brands are exploding right now and investors are taking a leap of faith with these beauty brands. I hope to raise money and awareness by entering as many local competitions here in GR as well as seeking outside investment.


Girls (and their parents) will benefit by knowing that they are buying safe and clean cosmetics. The cosmetic industry is not FDA regulated and girls need to know what they are putting on their skin. I want to educate girls about why it’s important to buy clean cosmetics as well as make it easy and affordable. I think the future potential would be to develop GIRLPALOOZA into a clean lifestyle brand…skin care, hair products, lotions, bath products, nail polish, and clothing.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I would use the $5000 to pay for the initial R&D (research & development) of my custom lip gloss formuation and to launch my product line. Once profitable I would then expand the GIRLPALOOZA cosmetic line by offering eye shadows, eye liner, mascara, lip liners, and foundation…all cruelty-free and clean.

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About Becky Vandenbroek

I am a mom who works full-time as an internal medicine physician assistant. I have a B.S. in Health Science and my Master's in Physician Assistant Studies. I have always been interested in skin care and make-up. Now that I have a young daughter, it's fueling my desire to develop a safe and clean cosmetics line.

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