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We want to scale our current bath and body product line for girls. Our products are non-toxic while also promoting a girl power message through all of our branding. We currently offer body wash, body butter, and bath bombs. Our current roadblock is funding. Our goal is to scale and partner with a copacker. We need to improve our margins in order to offer wholesale products to some of our local GR retailers.


Moms and daughters benefit the most from our products because they are safe and promote a positive message. Moms can feel better knowing that our products are clean and non-toxic for their daughters. Our goal is to educate the public about beauty ingredients so they know what to avoid.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We will use the $5000 to put towards partnering with a copacker which will ultimately help us to distribute more products and offer wholesale pricing.

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About Becky Vandenbroek

I am first and foremost a mom and also the founder of Girlpalooza. My daughter inspired me to create Girlpalooza after asking to try on some of my beauty products. I started researching the beauty industry only to find that there is very little regulation with ingredients and that some may be harmful. I set out to create a brand that was not only safe but also promoted a girl power message.

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