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GiveChange is a platform that changes the way in which nonprofits attract donations from users and local businesses. By rounding up user and business transactions to the nearest dollar, their spare change is aggregated and donated to a portfolio of their favorite nonprofits. In doing so, GiveChange allows local and national nonprofits to build donation streams that are more easily sustained, which makes it easier for nonprofit organizations to count on repeat donations and a lower rate of one-time “rage donations” - a phenomenon where people donate to an organization in a fit of anger, but fail to sustain their donations once their emotions have settled.
Also, the GiveChange platform collects donation information and generates tax paperwork for users and businesses on the back-end, making tax time easier on users, while minimizing the work done by nonprofit organizations in collecting donation paperwork.


Nonprofit organizations benefit from the GiveChange platform through increased donations, and more sustained donation streams. Next, many millennials express the desire to donate, but feel unable to do so because they can’t make large donations, or they don’t know what happens with their donations after they give it, which fails to reinforce a positive bond between the organization and the donor. GiveChange solves that by allowing users to donate change and make a great impact over time.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With $5,000, we plan on using $3,000 to upgrade our payment processing capabilities by using a paid tier of our current payment processing technology, Plaid.  We will use $500 to purchase all of the appropriate permissions for uploading applications onto the Apple App Store and Google Play store, with the remaining $1,500 going towards online marketing efforts.

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About Filip Zadro

I am a graphic designer and web developer from Croatia with experience working in the nonprofit space. I love to tinker with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, develop simple robots, and build furniture incorrectly. I run a web development firm with my brother, a podcast about blockchain technologies, and am the founder of the GiveChange platform.

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