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Gold Pumpkins for the Cure!

Gold Pumpkins for the Cure!

Maxx Barry 117 Views

About Idea

Our goal for 2021 is 25,000 Gold Pumpkins for the Cure!  Little Hero Foundation is sponsoring this fun and kid-friendly initiative to raise awareness for Children’s cancer this Fall beginning on September 22nd: #GoldPumpkinsForTheCure.

Participants decorate pumpkins incorporating the color gold.  Participants also share their efforts with their social networks to further promote children’s cancer awareness!

Why Gold Pumpkins? Gold is the color that represents all types of children’s cancer and symbolizes the resiliency of our young cancer heroes. Golden Pumpkins remind us of Cinderella’s carriage in that impossible things are happening every day for better cancer treatments! 

We were delighted to reach our huge goal of having 10,000 Gold Pumpkins decorated in support of this great cause in 2020! For each Gold Pumpkin made, Little Hero Foundation donated $1 to pediatric oncology research—$10,000 for 10,000 pumpkins! 

We are optimistic about our goal of 25,000 Gold Pumpkins for 2021!


The impact is that 25,000 people of all ages will actively participate in promoting children’s cancer awareness, and share their participation with their social networks too.  $25,000 will support novel pediatric cancer research treatments!

What I Will Do With $5,000

This $5,000 grant will be included as part of the $25,000 for the 2021
Gold Pumpkins for the Cure Campaign.

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About Maxx Barry

I’m a lawyer, and mother of Charlotte (5) and Ben (2). I was inspired to start Little Hero Foundation after my infant son was diagnosed with Liver cancer in 2018.  I saw firsthand how challenging cancer was on my whole family, and how tough chemotherapy treatments were on my son. While medicine has come far, there is a long way to go for better treatments.

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