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We are the first water repellent specifically designed for use on action sports cameras. Other water repellent uses a hydrophobic solution that causes water to bead which actually causes water spots. Our formula is also safe to use on camera housings because there are no alcohols that will break the camera housing down causing leaks. Our largest road block right now is trying to get the word out about GoSpot. With over 7 million action sports cameras sold last year, there is a large market potential and we need to try and reach those buyers.


Action sports camera enthusiasts, travelers, and beach goers are the ones who will benefit from our product. There is not a better way to relive a special moment than with a photo or a video and GoSpot allows these users to relive their moments in clarity. The camera market as a whole is worth $20 billion. Action sports cameras make up about 10% of that market and is worth $2 billion. We would like to try and capture 0.1% of the seven million action sports cameras sold over the next year.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5000 will be used to hire a SEO specialist to help us optimize our website to the best of its abilities. Right now our website isn’t converting and we will be using the money to better optimize our website to increase conversions and the customer experience.

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I am a senior at Northwood university working on my BBA with a focus on management. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and it is my goal to work for myself. I was selected as one of 17 entrepreneurs from around the country to be selected into the Future Founders 2017 cohort which is an intense mentorship program to help college entrepreneurs to get their businesses to the next level. I was born and raised in Australia and love spending my free time in the ocean.

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