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Gourmet flavored pasta

Gourmet flavored pasta

Kenneth McCallum 170 Views

Gourmet flavored pasta from Fresco Mercato is unlike any you may have tried. With 3 flavors to choose from, you’ll find something to go with your favorite proteins and/or vegetables. Garlic Parmesan is great with chicken dishes. Tomato Basil compliments steak or sausage dishes wonderfully. Lemon Pepper pairs perfectly with fish, chicken or shrimp.
My current roadblocks include limited equipment, keeping me from producing at a high capacity. Time is also a huge factor because I work a full time job, limiting my production time as well.
I have recently moved into my own, rented, production facility to help save on kitchen rental. Winning this money would help me aquire more efficient equipment to help with higher production output, therefore enabling me to participate in more markets, shops and shows to move into the gourmet grocery opportunities around West Michigan and beyond.
My current offering is fettuccine, but with this money I would be able to expand to lasagne and ravioli, etc.


Everyone able to buy and try would benefit from a new, unique, flavorful option to bring to the dinner table.
My family would also benefit from the income this can provide.
My cmom unity will benefit, as we will provide local jobs I the Muskegon and Muskegon Heights areas.
With the expansions this would allow me to make, I would immediately need to hire at least 5 people for the 2018 year, and even more as sales move from small shops and Farmer’s markets into larger stores across Michigan.

What I Will Do With $5,000

My plan for the $5,000 would be
1. Purchase a second proof box for drying the pasta.
2. Purchase of a large capacity mixer to be able to produce more than 5 pounds at a time.
3. Purchasing a new 3 compartment sink for my space that doesn’t leak and includes a sprayer to make dishwasher more efficient.

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