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About Idea

VR Bars are a relatively new concept but they have been proven in other places around the country. We would be the first VR Bar in Michigan and we have plans to take the concept other markets in the Midwest.

In Grand Rapids - and specifically the Westside - we don’t have that big of a variety of nightlife attractions despite being known as a nightlife destination. People from around the world visit Grand Rapids to experience our vibrant brewery/brewpub scene, but there isn’t that much variety outside of breweries and brewpubs. We have even recently seen some newcomers to Grand Rapids’ nightlife that are popular simply because they are different, such as distilleries, cideries, and meaderies. Of course, these nightlife destinations are all in the same vein of “places to eat and/or drink” without offering much in the way of additional entertainment. We want to become a destination within West Michigan by offering unique entertainment alongside a fantastic drink menu.


As downtown GR continues to cement itself as a travel destination both regionally and worldwide, we believe that by offering a very unique attraction we can bring even more tourism to Grand Rapids. Outside of the big picture, we plan to support our neighbors on the Westside by partnering with restaurants and other bars to offer joint deals for customers to enjoy entertainment with us while still supporting other local bars and restaurants.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With $5,000, we will do two things:

1. Market research to determine the optimal small group size to plan for our semi-private rooms.

2. Purchase our initial VR equipment and games library to begin streamlining the process for which customers can easily use the equipment.

These two tasks will get us well on our way to a successful opening.

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About Addison Wanlass

I'm a local entrepreneur and web developer. Currently, my wife and I run Mitten Print Distribution, with which we manage the distribution of print media and advertising throughout West Michigan. We are passionate about this concept and are looking forward to being even more involved in the local economy.

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