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Grand Rapids Short Docs

Grand Rapids Short Docs

Garrett Hughes 446 Views

This project serves a multitude of purposes. It will proved people with a more palatable alternative to traditional news, spreading various forms of information and educational content to the community and anyone that is interested. Potentially being able to both entertain people while also informing them is a concept that really excites me and it’s what this is all about to do.
    Viewers would get the opportunity to learn about issues and cultures in the community and explore topics that had, perhaps, never crossed their mind before.
    I am personally excited because it would allow me and a few others to utilize new and modern tools to develop our filmmaking capabilities and experience.
  The only thing holding us back right now is the equipment factor, which would be easily remedied through this awesome opportunity.
    The best part about this program is that it is not a business. Total reative freedom exists within it and there would be no corporate investors.


The viewers benefit the most. The goal is to have members of the community engaged with the series so that they can learn about where they live, contribute to future videos, and hopefully have everyone learn
something along the way.

The creators get to hone their documentary filmmaking skills, update their skill set and knowledge of current equipment, and learn about Grand Rapids as they go along crafting the content.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Equipment, equipment, equipment. Being a college student, I have relied on the communal equipment that is available to me. The equipment is poorly managed, often misused, and out-of-date. It is also not always available when it is needed. After new gear is aqcuired it will be up to me and a small team to do what we have practiced before and get going on the series.
    A portion of the money would also go towards paying a graphic designer for logo, intro, and title works.

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