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Granola Marketing

Granola Marketing

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Granola Marketing is a marketing agency helping good businesses and organizations thrive. We specialize in vegan businesses, nonprofits, and the cannabis industry. These markets are growing at phenomenal rates but many entrepreneurs in these industries could use some marketing and branding help. That is where Granola Marketing comes in, We know these businesses and better yet, we are their target demographic.

We give back to these communities in serious ways and set our pricing model so that we can be affordable for both start-ups and established operations.

We have worked in marketing helping other industries thrive but now we want to use our talents to help industries we are passionate about thrive.


Everyone benefits from our idea but mainly the businesses and organizations we are helping and their direct clients or beneficiaries. Focusing on businesses and industries that we believe in that are started by passionate people is a win-win. We have used our skills for all industries and now we want to help these passionate people make the world a better place.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We will help ourselves thrive. We will purchase much-needed equipment and software. Hire a consultant to help with our growth and solidify our brand.

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About Angela Fox

I am an entrepreneur at heart. Treehuggers is the thing I am most proud of and the happiest career I have had. I am a marketing strategist, environmentalist, food lover, nonprofit supporter and a firm believer in voting with your dollar. I currently help run a nonprofit called & own an environmental and marketing consulting company called Vibrant Solutions here in Grand Rapids.

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