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#GRbossbabes University

#GRbossbabes University

Devin DuMond 517 Views

The idea behind #GRbossbabe University is so exciting because it presents business practices and education to women in a whole new way. Over the past few months, we have been building a strong community of women (and non-binary persons) in business. We strive for diversity and inclusivity and want to create space for this community where they can feel supported and empowered. This event will make resources accessible and approachable. We will have lectures and presentations on business related themes—such as finances, systems, and branding—but also touch upon the importance of selfcare, family balance, and other issues specific to women. This is different than other business conferences or women’s events because of our holistic approach where we address both professional and personal growth. We are very community centered and value the input of others. This event will be largely organized through collaborative efforts from many individuals who share our vision and passion.


This event, and all future #GRbossbabes events, provides local women with educational resources and practical means to build a network otherwise unavailable. This concept benefits individuals, businesses, and the community at large. There is a huge population of women who are solopreneurs, work-at-home-moms, makers, and more, who do not get the same exposure as brick and mortar type businesses. We shine the light on all different types of professionals and provide equitable opportunities.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5000 will cover the use of a venue, catering, advertising, printed materials, compensation for our keynote speaker(s), and our time. This will be a ticketed event, and all revenue created by ticket sales will be used to fund further programming and events.

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About Devin DuMond

I am one-half of "SHEvents"—a collaboration of Snap Studio and Hatch Creative Services, two women-owned businesses in Grand Rapids, MI. We are a girl powered duo committed to inspire, empower, and educate women in business through an online community and awesome events. We encourage both professional and personal growth through educational content, skillsharing, and collaborations. #GRbossbabes University is a brand new business concept created by myself and my business partner, Deb Kalsbeek.

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