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Great Lakes Made

Great Lakes Made

Andrew Russo 197 Views

This is an exciting new revenue stream for local entrepreneurs! It helps new businesses cut through the noise to discover a niche market of Great Lakes Region (GLR)  shoppers. It’s different from Amazon and Etsy because of the targeted focus on GLR, sellers can collaborate with each other, and sellers can have access to add-ons to delegate tasks so they can focus on what they do best, making and designing their products. Great Lakes Made is more than just a marketplace. It provides a network to grow local businesses and utilize my services to build their brands.

The roadblock Great Lakes Made is facing would be creating continuous awareness of the marketplace for people to prefer shopping on Great Lakes Made over competitor marketplaces. The advertising budget will increase as the memberships increase so it is currently very minimal since it just launched in June 2017. It is getting around the roadblocks as new paid members sign up, but with an investment this business can flourish.


Great Lakes Region shoppers and entrepreneurs benefit from the marketplace. It will boost the local economy by increasing sales around the region. A side benefit is that it is already increasing travel to these businesses and to tourist destinations in the area as seen on Great Lakes Made can change lives by helping hobbyists grow to become full scale enterprises through awareness and revenue generated from the marketplace.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5,000 will help me reach these people that are interested in turning their passions into a real business. I’d love to give them the tools to point them to Great Lakes Region shoppers and give them a profitable sales stream through the marketplace.

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Helping people turn their passion into a business and developing tools for them to grow through the Great Lakes Made Marketplace & DIY Venture Shop. Former owner of Gone Beachin' Apparel Co. and Print Rapids. Love nature and adventures. Audible binge listener. Graphic designer by trade. DIY projects. Ukulele and guitar.

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