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Green Living Educational Center

Green Living Educational Center

Virginia McKenna 279 Views

My husband and I are very passionate about teaching people how to leave a softer footprint on our planet. We are creating a home that is off grid, grows food, and composts its waste. We also would offer classes on gardening, compost, solar panels, wind power, water power, water saving, canning, candle making with the intent of a clean burn candle and pottery. We want to educate people on how to live green. We would also like to start a annual tree planting day with squirrel planted trees or trees we have started from seed ourselves. We would like to have an open community garden free to everyone who takes a few moments to learn about composting. At the moment we are trying to collect funds to relocate a Blueberry field that will soon be demolished and made into condos. We have been rescuing plants from demo sites for about a year now. We would use the money to finish making a learning center to help save the planet and educate.


The benefits of this program are; less waste going to the local dumps, more careful and educated people causing less damage to the planet, less people relying on others or the government for food, and helping to save the planet in a crucial time. This program isn’t about making money it is about changing the damage we all cause on this Earth.  There are many people who wish they could “Go Green” but don’t know how. We would like to help them. Education is key human and Earths survival.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We would use the $5,000.00 to set up compost stations with learning centers. We would also use the money to build more above ground gardens, hydroponics, and prepare the land for either the blueberries we are trying to save or for teaching people how to garden or about gardening. We will use some of the money for a learning station where we will give classes on how to can food, make candles, green power, conserving water, compost, and pottery, and implementing an annual tree planting program.

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About Virginia McKenna

I am an Earth Loving mother of three dedicated to helping to save our planet and spread education on Green Living and our nature resources.