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Grind2Shine Sports Preformance

Grind2Shine Sports Preformance

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Grind2Shine through innovative training techniques helps provide youth athletes with elite level understanding of their body and how it pertains to their particular sport; while also helping them to develop mentally, as athletes being able to handle the various challenges that physical activity puts their brain through. Sports performance is relatively new to west Michigan, this differs from regular personal training because we specifically implement functional movement patterns to help them accel in their sport, instead of the general knowledge of how to just lift weights by contrast we teach the fundamental properties to become a well-rounded athlete not just physically but also mentally.


Grind2Shine’s services have a price point that student athletes of all social-economic backgrounds can afford, giving budding athletes an opportunity to grind & shine!
Studies consistently demonstrate that student athletes have a higher degree of organizational skills that help them to live well rounded balanced lives which matriculates into adulthood & the workplace. Grind2Shine is excited to be a facilitator in this process for Student Athletes. 

What I Will Do With $5,000

I would pay my Tuition for:
Certification in Sports performance training
Certification in Nutrition

Online web Innovation & Product Development:
web presence allows Grind2Shine to enter in different market creating another stream of revenue. Developing products to increase market share.

Branding & Promotion
Creating a budget for lifestyle and branding will allow Grind2Shine to increase market share by promoting products and improving brand awareness

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About Rudy

My name is Rudy and I'm 25. Athletics and the ability to enhance one’s physical preparedness and overall performance has fascinated me since I was a young child. My Personal Grind2shine journey began with playing Division 1 & 2 College football and playing semi pro with the CFL.

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