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GRNoir Wine & Jazz

GRNoir Wine & Jazz

Nadia Brigham 393 Views

GR is Beer City USA, but following national trends, there is a growing interest in the consumption and experiences surrounding wine. GR also has a need for a venue dedicated to jazz, where the creation and elevation of the origin of jazz can be celebrated. GRNoir will fill those voids, and stands out from the handful of wine bars in the area with the combination of both. In addition, the unapologetic cultural flare of GRNoir will illuminate domestic and international wines and genres of jazz, including from people of color. As new entrepreneurs of color, GRNoir owners are blazing a trail for others as they leverage their local, regional and national networks for success; aim to locate downtown as one of a handful of Black businesses downtown; and create a unique venue using state of the art technology in its wine dispensary and refrigeration system.  Our excitement for GRNoir grows with each passing day, as we’ve engaged and gained the support of thousands locally and nationally.


For years, we’ve heard that GR struggles to attract and retain its Black professional class; that GR struggles to attract PoC downtown; and there’s not a place dedicated to jazz where “grown folk” can just chill. Our research indicates that GRNoir will answer those pain points.  When executed as we envision, GRNoir will benefit “grown folk”, particular women who consume wine as a social experience; wine and jazz novices and enthusiasts alike; downtown, and other aspiring entrepreneurs of color.

What I Will Do With $5,000

GRNoir will use the $5000 to design an authentic experience for patrons. From the selection of wines to the illumination of biographical sketches of jazz artists; from the pairing and flight menus to the aligned elegance of decor; and from
the expression of our values to the training of staff, these dollars will be used to hone the overall brand essence of GRNoir. Our aim is to ensure we live into the value proposition of GRNoir, and deliver an overall experience that is second to none.

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