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Guard Locker - Neck Gaiter

Guard Locker - Neck Gaiter

Kat Samardzija 336 Views

About Idea

With the rising need for face masks, I created a patent-pending, eco-friendly, reuseable & machine-washable solution. The Guard Locker - neck gaiter protects your mouth, neck & ears against harmful particles and the cold. It has 2 pockets - the large front pocket can fit a mask or one of our N-95 grade filter inserts for extra particle protection while the side zipper pocket can be used to stash an ID, cash, keys, phone, or extra mask.

Our unisex neck gaiter allows you to change out the filters when necessary for an extra barrier while our dry-wicking & anti-microbial fabric allows you to breathe easily. Our removable filters block out 2.5 particulate matter which is equivalent to what an N-95 mask protects against. The filter has one carbon layer sandwiched between spun-bond fabric. They’re meant to effectively last 24 consecutive hours which tends to last most people 4-7 days.


Most disposable masks are made of polypropylene, so if they are ingested by animals they’ll die and the strings around normal masks are getting caught around wildlife. Our filters are made without strings and last longer than the average disposable mask.
Our neck gaiter is machine-washable and re-usable so not only is it environmentally-friendly but budget-friendly.  We’re also producing a children’s version because kids are more likely to wear masks when their parents do.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Our patent-pending solution is perfect for shopping, hiking, travel & more. We need the $5,000 prize to invest $1,000 in more re-usable filters to be available to our customers, use $2,000 to increase our marketing budget through Facebook to advertise, and $2,000 further pursue our provisional patent. Help us reduce waste and increase comfort to change the next generation of face masks with the guard locker - neck gaiter!

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About Kat Samardzija

I started Locker Lifestyle out of my dorm room at GVSU when I had my valuables stolen out of my gym locker. I wanted a simple, discrete, & machine-washable solution to store my essentials. Fortunately, my "Momager" had a bridal store so I met with her seamstress to create our first products! I changed my major from biomedical sciences to entrepreneurship that same year. I graduated from GVSU last year and now run Locker Lifestyle full-time!

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