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Guarded Safety

Guarded Safety

Bryan Caragay 2966 Views
This idea was a winner! Bryan Caragay was awarded $5,000 in October 2017

About Idea

Most of our competitors have forgotten about the large market of college students. By working with college campuses, we get the competitive advantage of being able to integrate fully with each campus we partner with.

Guarded is simple to use. Simply hold down the Alert Button when you feel uneasy. If, at any time this button is released, the user has 10 seconds to enter their custom PIN. If this PIN is NOT entered, their exact location will be sent to 5 contacts of their choice along with campus police.

Guarded also features interactive maps, building finders, emergency hotlines, a “shake-to-fake” call (brings up a fake call by shaking your phone) and a “go home” feature which alerts parents when their student arrives safely back at campus after a weekend at home.

The biggest roadblock is gaining traction and convincing colleges that we are better than the current standard of safety (Blue Light Phones). We have already begun to do this, with one partner already in the works.


College students benefit the most, because of the increased safety and security for colleges students. Being college students ourselves, it really hits home being able to help our fellow classmates. With over 4,000 colleges in the US, the market potential is massive.

College campuses will also benefit, because of the awesome data we collect. We can tell a campus exactly where on campus students feel the most unsafe.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We have already developed the iOS version of the app internally, but we need to hire someone to put the finishing touches on our Android version. Most of our competitors do not have an Android version, so we think coming out right away with one will put us ahead even further. $5,000 would be perfect to hire a developer to finish the Android version for us. Finishing touches would include making our current Android app “production ready”.

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About Bryan Caragay

I am a senior at Central Michigan University. My girlfriend and I realized our sophomore year that the standard for safety on college campuses (Mostly Blue Light Phones) is outdated and inefficient. We set out to change that. We worked to develop a working iOS version of the app, and are currently in the works of signing a contract with CMU. Our #1 goal is to help students feel safer at their home away from home.

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