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This is exciting because everyone from around the world will participate. Example; If a country is struggling from a strong earthquake, there would be a post on their newsfeed. Whenever anyone “likes” it, they would automatically donate a dollar. If this country received 100,000 likes from around the world, they would receive $100,000 in help.

This is different because other sites requires $5 or more to donate. Some people would love to donate, but are hesitant because they have no money or $5 seems too little compared to the person who donated $100.

This would have a social media vibe. There would be *trending fundraisers* on your timeline and hashtags on what you can donate to (ex, if you only want to donate to fundraisers involving cars). You can have your own newsfeed of local fundraisers. You could “like” 10 posts and spend $10, but you helped 10 causes get one step closer to their goal.

Getting it out there will be a roadblock, but I know that could be easily figured out


The entire world will benefit. This would get the public more involved in donating to a serious cause.  This will also ensure the goal is met at a faster pace.

Ex: A child needs a surgery and their family has no insurance. If this child receives 200,000 likes from around the world, this would equate to $200,000.

. The child’s life is changed from the surgery. The individuals who donated, their life is changed because they helped this surgery become possible, even if they did only donate $1

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will use the $5000 towards my idea to make it a reality. This would involve a tech team, a website, a patent. Anything to take my idea from being simply an idea, to the next BIG thing

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About Micaela Ontiveros

I've had many ideas and never knew where or how to start. I then see my ideas come to life and its annoying because if I would have taken the steps in moving forward those ideas could have been a success. I am going to stop waiting and finally start one of my ideas. I know I have great ideas and I'm excited to execute my first one. Currently, I am a recruiter with Manpower

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