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Guyton Elite Training

Guyton Elite Training

John Guyton 86 Views

What’s exciting to me about this idea is the fact that there is no exact competition offering the type of service that I want to provide Within the hotels in the Grand Rapids region. What makes it different from any potential competitors is the extraordinary approach I will take when a potential partnership with the hotel that no other gym or Trainor may have presented. The only potential roadblock is the hotel itself (owners)that may not find my idea as valuable as I see it. There’s no getting around them but there is potential that another hotel in different cities or state may take up the offer that I want to provide for hotel guests.


Not only the hotel guest benefit from my idea but also the hotel itself. The service provided will be a added value to their already existing catalog.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will utilize the grant by purchasing additional work out equipment to add variety in workouts,giving a much memorable experience for hotel guests / client. I will also use this money to fund liability insurance potential trainers that would join my side within my business venture

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About John Guyton

I am a man that values having a sense of humor and easy approach within my personality. I'm truly passionate when it comes to Fitness. I've been a certified personal trainer since 2012 a graduate from Blue Heron Academy School of Healing Arts. I am also an a certified fitness consultant and exercise specialist with 5+ yrs experience of 101 training and group sessions training. I love GR and I love supporting those within my city to give a greater experience of those who visit our city.

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