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With the expansion of the children’s hospital and medical mile, hospitality housing is hard to find and maintain. The current hospitality resources available turn away 34-49% of families seeking hospitality housing on a daily bases. Hospitality Housing gives parents a space in which they can sleep and provide self care so they can provide the support needed to their sick children. The lack of self care of a parent is a slippery slope that can lead to poor health outcomes, increased stress for their child and breakdown in communication with clinicians. Our organization aims at providing housing for these families by utilizing the communities existing assets- their houses! Our organization will provide a network of host families that offer up space in their house to guests of the children’s health services, like a hospitality AirBNB. Our hope is to lesson the burden on current hospitality houses while building a strong sense of a community for hosts and guests.


When you think about traveling your three biggest expenses are food, lodging and transportation. Most guests have transportation figured out and food often times is covered by insurance companies. Not only will guests be provided with affordable housing, but they have the added bonus of creating relationships that are beneficial for the mind of the caregiver. H2H will also lessen the burden on current hospitality houses and hospital social workers assisting these families

What I Will Do With $5,000

$500- Accountant to file 501(c)(3) status
$3,000- Consultant. This model has been used by two other organizations in the country. Both have been very successful and one of them is offering up consulting services to establish the foundation
$300- Online grant writing classes for committee members
$700- Pilot program which includes liability insurance, utility fees and legal fees
$500- Web design

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About Susan Pete

Handing it to Hospitality was started in my senior year at Grand Valley when I had a professor prompt our class to create social change. While brainstorming ideas for the prototype, I had recently spent time with a family who was having issues with hospitality housing and I was wishing that I had space in my home for them to stay. That's when the idea clicked- AirBNB type hospitality housing! I continued to develop my idea and have gained 4 wonderful board of directors along the way.

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