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We’re the new wave of social media platforms. No captions. No hashtags. No posting.

Users must physically attend an event, created either by a local business or a friend in the app, in order to submit pictures through the app.

Each event is timestamped with a start and end time. Attendees have that time slot to add pictures into a collaborative “photo bucket” with other people at the event.

Users cannot access the photo bucket during the event. The idea is to have people document their fun time, but not be hooked to their phone waiting for the likes to roll in.

After the event is done, the “photo bucket” closes for submission. After 8 hours, voting opens so all attendees can access the bucket and vote on their favorite pictures. The top 10 photos being the one shared with all attendee’s friends on the app.

The idea is not complex from a development standpoint, but we believe we engage users in a much different way than any other platform.


The benefits are the people, local businesses, and visitors of any town or campus we roll out Happs.

Our vision to create a simple, elegant way for people to connect with the city around them, and find their niche of events. We want local businesses to have a fast, effective way to connect with potential customers.

We foresee Happs becoming an online marketplace for experiences. Buying VIP booths, tickets, drink coupons - all in one place.

What I Will Do With $5,000

A portion of our roll-out strategy is to host an event to launch the app in an area, as well let users give Happs a test run.

These events are also an opportunity for us to generate additional revenue through sponsorships and sales. As well as develop connections with local businesses in our targeted area.

$5,000 would help us secure our first event location, marketing the event, and event liability insurance. The money would help us start our roll-out strategy while finishing development.

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