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Happy Cat Cafe - Wine & Beer Bar

Happy Cat Cafe - Wine & Beer Bar

Kati Dodge 614 Views

Cat cafes serve cats and humans. At Happy Cat Café, humans can enjoy time with cats and cats that need homes can connect with their potential adopters.

With over a year in business and over 150 adoptions, we know that GR loves cats. We can’t think of a better way to take our cat café to the next level than to obtain our food service license to serve espresso and bakery goods and tavern license to serve beer and wine.

Happy Cat Café would be the first cat café in Michigan to serve food, beer, and wine and a tourist destination for cat lovers throughout the Midwest.

There a lot of challenges to surmount involving food and animals, but we’ve already successfully obtained a ‘pending on inspection’ food service license by working with the Kent County Health Department. We also know obtaining a tavern license can be difficult depending on your area, but have mentorships with other cat cafes that have navigated the process.


First, Happy Cat Café benefits cats. We work with a local rescue to facilitate adoptions in the café. In our first year, we’ve tripled our partner’s adoption rate. More customers means more people that can fall in love with one of our cats.

Second, our patrons benefit. Cats have proven good for health and wellness, and the addition of food & wine would add value to the experience. Our patrons already travel from all around the Midwest, we think we would be a leading cat café in the region.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We have already built out our shop and this $5000 will allow us to open the espresso bar portion of café and begin the process of obtaining our tavern license by allowing us to purchase:
- Espresso Machine - $3000
- Convection Oven - $300
- Food Service inspection and yearly renewal - $800
- Inspection Fee Tavern License - $70
- Tavern License – $250+  Additional fees will vary based upon whether additional licenses and permits are requested in conjunction with a Tavern license.

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