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Hard Serve

Hard Serve

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Each serving has an alcohol content of 6-10%.  Remember the individual ice cream cups from your childhood that you would eat with a wooden stick?  Fast forward 21+ years, and you can enjoy the same treat with a kick.  This product will be sold to distributors to put into the market at sporting events, concert venues, festivals, liquor stores, etc. Currently, there are no known competitors in Michigan. Similar out-of-state concepts include Buzz Bar and Tipsy Scoop.  Hard Serve differs in that it’s an individual ice cream cup easily opened and consumed.  Major road blocks include registering with alcohol commission, approval from dairy board, and frozen storage. So far, I have had conversations with all parties, and it is a matter of getting the product made and applications started. Although Hard Serve will eventually have a storefront, I am starting with kitchen rental space, perfecting three flavors, and creating the baseline. As the product grows, so will the business


The consumer’s taste buds are the first benefactor. Beginning business milestones for Hard Serve include getting the product in venues, assuming all permitting is complete. Long term goals include a Hard Serve Barlour storefront where patrons purchase the ice cream for immediate enjoyment. With this expansion would come more jobs (product creation, retail service, marketing, accounting—these roles are added as the market allows).  I will start small with minimal overhead to expand as needed.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The grant will help cashflow small distiller license ($100); business permits (TBD); ServSafe Manager ($153), ServSafe Alcohol ($30); supplies for labels, cups, spoons ($800); and rental space (minimum $6500/6 months).  I am currently funding the venture with savings, so anything already purchased at time of receiving grant will allow more money towards rent.

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About Anna Howard

Currently I am a working mother, wife, and founder of Hard Serve. I grew up in the beautiful South Dakota and happily live in Grand Rapids, MI.

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