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HealthTelligent Cultivation

HealthTelligent Cultivation

Raeanna Lewarne 346 Views

I’m most excited for this idea because it cuts out overpaid recruiters and puts new work options into the hands of behind-the-scenes healthcare workers.  There’s at least 3:1 non-patient-facing healthcare workers for every patient-facing practitioner.  These folks don’t have a cohesive way to take part in the gig economy.  We use old-school job boards and “who you know” networks. Businesses turn to recruiters, and workers waste time getting connected with the wrong people. 
Other competitors focus on physicians and nurses for hospitals and healthsystems.  There is no one (that we know of) providing a hiring ecosystem for the “others” e.g. medical coders, physician medical editors, IT programmers with EMR experience, and more.
An obvious roadblock is getting awareness of this new option for both businesses & workers.  We’ve already had 200 users register and create profiles on our site! We will boost awareness efforts by applying the $5000 award to a coordinated marketing effort.


Healthcare businesses benefit by increasing their pool of qualified screened workers, available 24/7, at a lower cost, and at a lower mismatch rate.
Healthcare professionals (freelancers) benefit by having a new opportunity to create a flexible schedule, use their degree while working from home, traveling, being a parent, finding a side hustle, or as a retiree.
Our market is over $2 billion dollars per year, which is 1% of the annual remote medical market in the US.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We will use the $5000 grant to create social media posts on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, our identified productive channels, and to increase inside sales efforts from 10 h/week to 20 h/week through the end of 2019.  The social media and inside sales efforts will build on 207 registered users currently on the site.  We expect this additional effort will allow us to reach an add 600-1000 more registered business and freelance users over 3 months (Q4 2019) with a conversion rate of 2-5%.

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About Raeanna Lewarne

I'm a pharmacist by education and a business leader and entrepreneur by career. I ran the third largest US hospice PBM and was the director of business development for a Fortune 500 healthcare company in MI. I care deeply about bringing a new work ecosystem to healthcare. I believe it's a first-step in meaningfully reducing the cost of healthcare while increasing the availability of healthcare choices. I strongly believe in giving back. I'm a wife, mother of 1, and aunt to 8.

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