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Help Youth Fall in Love with Ultimate Frisbee

Help Youth Fall in Love with Ultimate Frisbee

Mike Zaagman 114 Views

What gets me most excited is being able to reach more youth, build relationships and share the love of the sport.

Road blocks:
+Most people have never heard of the sport and nearly everyone confuses it with Frisbee Golf.
+ Parents don’t know what it is to send their kids to play.
+ If youth have played Ultimate before, they have played a poor unstructured version of it and THAT version was lame.

Ultimate is very different from any other sport because, by its nature, is a friendly non-contact sport. Ultimate has “Spirit of the Game” which means players won’t intentionally break the rules. Its self-officiated (even Team USA v Team Canada) which saves money, but also teaches conflict resolution and integrity.

The sport has blown up in other cities around the nation. Hundreds of middle school and high school teams across the nation, while we are the only organization in Grand Rapids.
We can get around our road blocks with more visibility and demonstration games.


Our youth benefit by having a lifelong sport to play that is non-contact, safe, involves a TON of running and teaches good values.

Ultimate Frisbee is also self-officiated, even at the national level, which teaches conflict resolution with your peers. The sport also functions on the basis that players will never intentionally break the rules to create an advantage.

With these aspects, we believe Ultimate can transform the lives of our youth to become better healthier people.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We have the (volunteer) coaching staff, the enthusiasm and 5 years of proven commitment behind us.

We simply need the athletes to find us.

$1,000 for gas, meals and promotional materials for school administrators
$2,000 for 10,000 fliers mailed out
$500 for google adwords and Facebook ads
$500 for promotional shirts for our athletes to wear
$1,000 to secure field space for demonstration games. These games will be played with our area men’s team in an effort to raise awareness of the sport.

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