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Hey! Grand Rapids!  Let’s Eat!!!

Hey! Grand Rapids!  Let’s Eat!!!

Corey Ruffin 2587 Views
This idea was a winner! Corey Ruffin was awarded $3,000 in January 2012

About Idea

We know for a fact that GR has some of the best ethnic dining experiences in America and want to showcase that food experience in a web TV show, to get the word out about these great finds!  The food, the owners, their stories, and the adventure that can be had in our own back yard will be showcased in an entertaining “food show” format with a charismatic host, original soundtrack, and creative filmmaking. This is my personal love letter to Grand Rapids, encouraging you to give potatoes a break and try something new!  Each episode will feature a different restaurant and guest star who our host takes out to try something new.  Broadening the viewing experience, the broader website will feature menus and locations of the restaurants featured, interactive maps, and skill sharing forums where members can share recipes, hot tips on locations of interesting or unique food spots in GR, and restaurant reviews.


The restaurants receive the biggest impact when our viewers venture out to give them a try.  Also, many small businesses don’t have the wide promotional berth of website, facebook, online menus, and etcetera and that’s where our website will pick up the slack.  The broader goal is to expand the food culture in GR and its residents’ exposure to these foods as well as to other cultures they didn’t even know were here. We’ll be encouraging YOU to be more adventurous and try new foods.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We have the talent, equipment, experience, and ability to produce our own TV shows and films but the challenge is getting it out to the public. It would go directly to getting the website up and running and then towards purchasing ads in local print and media.  Marketing and advertising is the most important aspect of this project and I have the experience necessary to stretch those funds into building a viewership as well as partnership with local media and the public.

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