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Hey Sugar and Co.

Hey Sugar and Co.

Danielle Bradfield 2102 Views
This idea was a winner! Danielle Bradfield was awarded $5,000 in January 2020

About Idea

Who doesn’t love the nostalgia of cotton candy?! We have taken this fun treat and modernized it by using only real ingredients. We focus more on flavor than color with unique selections such as Salted Caramel, Green Tea Matcha + Champagne! If you want to play it safe, we also have the classic Strawberry :) Our cotton candy is fresh, fluffy and has less sugar content because there are no added preservatives. We not only sell our fluff, we also cater events! We bring our cute cart and spin live for guests! Watching your cotton candy being made is an experience and it has proven to be a success at each event we cater. We are also gearing it to adults and families alike (not only children) with our flavor selection. The obvious roadblocks are educating the actual sugar content of a cotton candy cone (less than a can of Coca Cola) because cotton candy gets a bad rap!  I think with good marketing strategies, proper signage and education, we can definitely get around these roadblocks.


The guests at our events and our customers enjoying their cones/containers will benefit most from our product. Cotton candy is photogenic, fun, makes everyone smile and brings people together. Also, as we compile a talented team of “twirling artists”, our employees will benefit with a the opportunity of flexible part time income. Our cotton candy business has a very low overhead with high margins so we will be able to create a profitable business and be generous with our employees.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5000 will be used partially for more equipment purposes so we can expand and have more than one cart and do multiple events at a time. It will also be used for marketing our retail products and event packages. A cotton candy cart is a unique idea so marketing is key.

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About Danielle Bradfield

I am a 35 year old mom with FIVE beautiful daughters ages 10 and under. They keep me busy but I like to stay busy. I am high energy and love a challenge. I really enjoy learning as I go and definitely hustle! Being around people rejuvenates me. I have a passion for helping people earn extra part time income to help support their families in a real way. I am an entrepreneur at heart and in my free time I love to read a good book, kayak and hang with my little girlies.

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