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Hey Sugar Cotton Candy

Hey Sugar Cotton Candy

Danielle Bradfield 285 Views

About Idea

Cotton candy is nostalgic, whimsical and brings joy to everyone around them! Hey Sugar is about creating a modern experience from a nostalgia treat. How do we make it modern? We only use quality ingredients including organic cane sugar, natural colors with unique flavor combinations. We don’t add any extra preservatives or added sugar which makes our treat low calorie, gluten free and vegan. That is a large part of what sets our fluff apart from other competitors. We also work really hard to keep our customers excited with new products such as glitter bombs, new seasonal cotton candy flavors and cotton candy cakes! As a previous 5x5 winner, we’ve experienced tremendous growth with opening a production site on top of our brick and mortar. This growth has run us into cost and supply chain restraints which we are looking to overcome with purchasing in bulk.


We find that customers love coming in contact with our fluff. They love experiencing a fresh cone, running into us at the farmers market or their local boutique, having us at their wedding or purchasing our cotton candy for a unique gift. The more we can achieve operational excellence, the more impact we can make. We also enjoy growing our company, because as the company grows so does our team seeking part time, flexible employment.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Our costs need to be lowered in order to do wholesale on a larger scale, We currently have a vendor agreement to do a test run in a big box store. We also would like the bulk supplies to sell our sugar floss. We believe this will make an impact on consumers with home cotton candy machines, other businesses who make cotton candy (movie theaters, school concessions, etc.) and new cotton candy cart event companies. Most floss sugar is filled with preservatives and our floss sugar would be a fresh alternative to them so they can make it themselves. The breakdown of the $25,000 is:

$6000 in cotton containers by the pallet (minimum quantity is 24,000)

$6700 labels by the 10,000 per roll (to get costs down as needed)

$1000 for nutritional labels needed to go into store for test run

$4500 for clear bags in bulk for sugars

$5100 for bulk ingredients for cotton candy and sugar floss. We are constantly running out.

$1700 for a second commercial cotton candy machine

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About Danielle Bradfield

I am a mom of five daughters ages 12 and under. I was previously a stay at home mom, but have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I am passionate about my company and brand, and about creating a positive, FUN work environment for others looking for flexible income. I am always up for a new challenge. In my (very little) free time, I love spending time at the lake, boating and relaxing on the deck or watching FRIENDS :)

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