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Hibachi Creamery

Hibachi Creamery

Faten Baydoun 208 Views

What’s exciting about this concept is people’s excitement. We have been up and running for almost a year now and seeing our customers’ reactions from start to finish is what makes our hard work worth it. The children! Their eyes get wider and their smile gets bigger, nothing more precious! Everything about the way we do things differs from other competitors, we specialize in rolled ice cream only and this allows us to focus on each and every recipe and flavor. Our products are always fresh, never frozen. We care about our customers so gluten free, dairy free and nut free are available upon request. We take pride in being a small business owned by a family that is 100% minority and that by itself pushes us to get around any road blocks that come our way. This business was started from scratch, without any loans, endless nights and days were spent trying to make sure a specific vision comes to life, no failures permitted because everything we had was invested.


We all need money to survive and eventually spoil ourselves, but that is not why we decided to start this business. Ice cream has been proven to make people happier and that is exactly what we wanted. When this trend started a couple of years ago, it was only available in bigger cities such as LA, Miami etc.. People in West Michigan were only able to watch videos to satisfy the cravings or had to travel to a bigger city and spend $$ just to get a taste, now the travel time is only a few miles.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Hibachi Creamery’s next goal is to become mobile. Per many of our customers’ requests, we would love to start catering to their needs. Celebrating a loved one’s birthday, being apart of many weddings, witnessing a job promotion and many other occasions. We want to be there for it, offering our services and creating a new trend for parties and celebrations. The grant will specifically be used for this purpose.

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About Faten Baydoun

Hi my name is Faten Baydoun. I am originally from Beirut, Lebanon. At the age of 2, my family moved to Congo, Africa to get away from war. My father established a business there so that is where I lived most of my life. Coming to the US was a blessing to my family and I, it opened doors to education and work opportunities we couldn't have found in the Middle East nor in Africa. I learned to work hard and be an entrepreneur thanks to my father who worked hard to feed us and give us an education.