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High Hopes Hammock Co.

High Hopes Hammock Co.

Connor Moynihan 2998 Views
This idea was a winner! Connor Moynihan was awarded $5,000 in August 2017

About Idea

In 2015 this company was founded by college students at Central Michigan University. Since then we have sold over 2,500 hammocks and made donations all over the world. When a hammock is purchased from us we donate a hammock, a meal, or a survival kit to someone living in poverty. Through research, prototyping, and surveying we have designed an innovative hammock with a velcro cocoon design different from any other hammock on the market. This design benefits our customers and the homeless people receiving hammocks as a donation because it protects them from, rain, wind, insects, and cold weather. The Majority of our sales are made online through our intricate ecomerce marketing strategies. Through this we have compiled a social media following of over 25 thousand potential customers. We also recently launched a clothing line geared towards outdoor minded individuals.


The first group of people benefiting from our idea is the people living in poverty that we donate to. An example of this is the impoverished farmers in Honduras who recently had hammocks hung up in their homes so they are no longer sleeping on the ground. Another remarkable place we have donated to is an orphanage in Kenya where hammocks are being used to provide additional sleeping space.
Our customers also benefit greatly from our idea because they know their purchase helping others

What I Will Do With $5,000

One thing that currently separates us from other brands in our space is the span of our marketing. If we were to launch an extensive nationwide marketing campaign we would see larger amounts of growth. We estimate to spend around $3000 on marketing efforts ranging from videography, market research, and paid online promotion. The rest of the money would go towards our next inventory purchase so we could supply the demand we will create with the marketing.

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About Connor Moynihan

I am a recent college graduate from Central Michigan University with Degree in Entrepreneurship. Since launching this business I feel I have grown so much as entrepreneur and person. All the business events and pitch competitions I've attended have made me a very well rounded young business man along with a fearless public speaker. While the donations I have done with this company has humbled me greatly and given empathy for others suffering.

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