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About Idea

Hobbi is an app that helps deepen the connections we have with our friends and families. Our best option to deepen this connection is by texting “what’s up” or “How are things going”.

Using that option we would fall short of obtaining the specific details of our families and friends, or it ends up taking a while before a response is made and many more issues accompanied.

By leveraging current social media structure, Hobbi is here to solve these issues in our social lives. In the Hobbi app, we see the feeds what our friends are about to do or just got done doing. For instance, “Kevin is about to go see Avengers at Celebration Cinema”, “Sarah just got done making pasta”, “Jacob is listening to Michael Jackson’s thriller album on Spotify”.

So, similar to Twitter? Not really, Hobbi’s target market are high school and college students. This age grades use Twitter the least. Differently, the app promotes privacy by allowing us send friend requests, before we could see our friends feeds.


Because we are strictly text-based, we believe we are diminishing the saying of “No one cares about your fake life on social media”, solving the depression issues in youths.

In four-five years we are looking to:

- Create hubs of friends with similar interest in the community
- Integrate Streaming Services API’s such as Netflix or Spotify to show data of what friends are currently watching.

- Integrate with iOT devices like Alexa where you could ask “Hey Alexa, what is Mark doing on Hobbi?”

What I Will Do With $5,000

Right now, we are in beta-testing. We are currently obtaining email addresses of interested beta-testing users. The grant would be used strictly for servers and more development on Hobbi’s features.

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About Emmanuel Arop

I am a passionate tech entrepreneur. I say this because I believe an entrepreneur does what ever it takes to make their product a success. I am an immigrant and I see the opportunities here in the U.S differently. I majored in computer science in college and earned my bachelors' degree this year. I'm also part of the target market.

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