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Holistic Healing for the Community

Holistic Healing for the Community

Mixy Soto 279 Views

The most exciting thing about my idea is helping my community heal holistically. It’s a new concept, but I’m confident that it will break barriers. As a woman of color, it’s important for me to provide affordable products and services to my low-income and under-served community. What makes my idea different than others is that no one is doing what I want to do in GR. I want to provide womb healing using various herbs, natural body products as an alternative to what’s available in stores and holistic health coaching to help combat health issues such as heart disease, thyroid, diabetes and other ailments. The most obvious road block for me is having the financial means to pay for my health coaching and peri-steaming facilitator schooling. Another road block is having the financial means to stock up on the product components, the packaging and labels for my products and services. I can get around the road blocks if I use my own money, but it will be difficult as I’m a single mother.


Women who suffer from uterine issues such as endometriosis, post-menopause, etc. With special herbs, they will live a less painful and more fulfilling life. Individuals suffering from health issues such as diabetes, cancer, and hypertension will benefit from my coaching; I will help create a meal plan that serves their specific health needs. I will also introduce Sea Moss which is mineral packed and greatly boosts a person’s immunity. My lotions and soaps will help treat skin issues as well.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With $5,000 I can pay for my health coaching and peri-steaming facilitator schooling. With the proper certifications, not only will I become more knowledgeable in those fields, I will also be legally allowed to provide my services. I will also buy the herbs, the Sea Moss, the packaging, the labels and any foods that I may need in order to get business going. The end goal is to eventually purchase an actual building for my business, but I need to get established before I get to that point.

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About Mixy Soto

I am a mother of five boys that are my number one motivation for success. I am the owner of Essence of Grace Holistic's. I am an up and coming entrepreneur who's passion is educating and providing holistic alternatives for a healthier lifestyle. My goals and business are geared toward helping low-income people heal naturally. I'm currently enrolled as a student at Cornerstone University studying Business Management with a concentration in organizational management and entrepreneurship.