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How to use and where to place a limb tourniquet

How to use and where to place a limb tourniquet

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In 2018 there were more deaths of teachers and students than active duty US military.  Tourniquet use and need is no longer just associated with war or terrorism.  With more than 1 mass shooting daily in the US over last 3 years, accidents and terrorism it is no longer just a military issue.  Everyone knows what can be used as a tourniquet in an emergency, but not where to place it and how to use it.  A Quick Reference Guide should be available in all public places that has silhouette of where to place a limb tourniquet along with explanations of why it should be place there to ensure proper placement.  Instructions should be on the tourniquet itself and in symbols so user does not have to speak a particular language to be able to use it correctly.  In a highly stressful situation, memory is often not enough to insure proper placement and usage.  Even on news, reporters stress the need to know, but do not to tell where and how to use one. Knowing is half the battle! #stop the bleed


Knowledge of proper tourniquet usage and proper placement can help reduce the number of preventable deaths, both civilian and military.  It is important to include tourniquet training as part of CPR training and to increase general public knowledge of proper placement.  Tourniquets were associated with limb loss, but it is no longer true. Thanks to rapid transport and modern medicine it is now < 10%. Know how to use and where to place a tourniquet to save lives.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Posters of proper placement of tourniquets need to be in all first aid kits, public places, in emergency vehicles and schools, so people know how and where use them correctly, even if it is just a belt or strip of cloth.  Training on tourniquet use should be part of CPR training. Increase availability in public places will save lives.  Defibrillators cost $800 + but increased survival from heart attacks 400%. Tourniquets cost less than $25 and could save many more lives without huge cost.

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