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Hurt to Heal Expo.

Hurt to Heal Expo.

Raeven Barnes 128 Views

I wrote a book titled “ Tales Of a Broken Girl” . I’ve sold many books and sparked a conversation here in Kalamazoo. I was given the name “ The voice for the voiceless “ . I speak for people who can’t speak for themselves . I want this expo to have people who started with nothing , who have been abused in some way , and people who made mistakes in life come & show how they turned their bad situation into something great !! All the people that I have ready to get involved want to help others by showing them there is a way out of the storm . The road block is finding a nice place to rent out for this event . We really need help with funding . Also , We will offer one raffle ticket with each ticket purchased by guests & the opportunity to buy more raffle tickets once they arrive to the event . We will have prizes for the guest to win . We will have speakers from survivors of abuse , people who were once in & out of the jail system & people who were once homeless and alone speak .


People will know there is no shame in being broken , they will understand it’s ok , they don’t have to cope in negative ways with substances or feel ashamed of feeling down. They will see they can be anything & accomplish whatever goals they have in this life ! They can understand that their past trauma or current situation is just a chapter in their triumphant autobiography. And the vendors( entrepreneurs) involved will be able to impact someone’s life for the better & promote their business.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will rent out a classy & large enough space to set up this expo , have music, catering , lights & slide show effects . Get tickets on ticket master , promote with a video online & posters & banners & even on the local radio stations. This can really help so many people . I speak with so many people who are hurting please let us come together as a community and help one another . Thank you .

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About Raeven Barnes

I am twenty - six years old . A writer who almost lost her life to cancer , as well as physical & sexual abuse . I’ve fought depression & I make it my purpose in life to help others heal . I’m what people call an Empath . I grew up in Kalamazoo, I went to Ross Medical School . My favorite hobbies are writing , shopping , and anything to do with water ! Summer is my favorite season. I’m vegan and help others with meal preps so they can switch to a healthier lifestyle and God has my heart .