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This is your one-stop social media platform designed with all the resources you need to turn your dreams & ideas into reality.

If you have a dream or idea, you know it takes a lot more than just that! You know you need resources such as money, time, people, knowledge, inspiration/motivation, & energy.

Imagine a place that believes in you, frees up your time, provides money, inspires & motivates you to move forward with your dreams & ideas. It believes in women, minorities, & doesn’t discriminate against what others hold against you & your ideas. provides money, networking, project oriented people, investors, inspiration/motivation, tools, time, energy & creative idea juices to get your mission accomplished. Just think “a positive place with positive space to make your concept thrive!”

As Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank says “Our ability to achieve is only limited by our ability to dream.” will make that true & will help all the 5x5 ideas win.


The impact is global letting the average you & I break free from the 9-5. allows the single mother/father to move past the struggle. It lets the searching college debt grads a way to make what they can’t find. It gives women & minorities equal opportunity. The site gives someone with nothing but an idea to create more than they ever imagined.

The dreamer, thinker, & everyday person now too can become the inventor, entrepreneur & business owner using their own dreams & ideas.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5000 will pay for:

  -digitally animated version of the final platform
  -Brand development
  -Market Testing

The digitally animated version will provide concrete visual assistance to sell the next round of investors. These investors will provide funds for the final phase of developing the platform.

Initial stages of brand development/market testing will be done. It is extremely important that we position our brand correctly & test to make sure we give its users what they need & want.

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About Matt Smith

Hello, I'm Matt Smith, 32-born/raised in Grand Rapids, MI. At age 8 starting by tagging along with my mom/sister, I became an entrepreneur buying Beanie Babies at $6/unit, reselling them for $120+. Later, I was successful with a digital advertising business & vending business. Entrepreneurship is all I talk about in life. High school/college was centered on it. I have degrees in Marketing, Business & certs. in Entrepreneurship/Marketing. I attained a cert. from the SBTDC & a member of the SBA.

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