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InBooze cocktail kits

InBooze cocktail kits

Ashleigh Evans 281 Views

I love that this makes cocktails at home easy for everyone—plus they’re healthy! You know 100% of what you’re infusing your booze with…plus everything but the citrus is sourced in Michigan. There isn’t anyone else in the area doing this and I think it can go in so many different directions: in home happy hours, restaurant collabs and more. I want to make infusing fun and a go-to for cocktail lovers. I offer 10 varieties, including Spicy Margarita, Moscow Mule, Sangria, Berry Lavender Lemonade and more!


People who are on sugar free, keto and low carb diets have really enjoyed my infusion kits. Also, it’s fun to make them your own: mix with sparkling water to keep it sugar free or blend with frozen fruits for a fun frozen cocktail. Also, since it’s in a pouch, there is very minimal waste. The pouches can be composted. I want everyone to have confidence to make fun drinks at home with ingredients they know—buhbye funky chemicals!

What I Will Do With $5,000

Since I have the product established, I am at the point where I need help with marketing and branding. I’d also love to finalize my packaging to look more professional. I’d also love to expand my products to influencers and build an affilate program, which would be something to invest in. Finally, since I am still starting out, I’d love to get into as many shows and markets as possible to gain more exposure.

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