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Increasing Leader’s Capacity to Manage Complexity

Increasing Leader’s Capacity to Manage Complexity

Becky Andree 818 Views

Leader’s are facing VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) and often feel like they are just trying to survive.  There is hope, it just requires a shift in thinking about how to develop leaders.  Typical leadership development assessments/training focus on what skills, behaviors, and knowledge leaders need to be effective, which is really about horizontal development.  What leaders really need is how to manage the complexity of leading in a global, VUCA world that is constantly changing.  That requires increasing a leader’s cognitive capabilities to handle this increasing complexity, or in other words vertical development.  Vertical Leadership Consulting will offer assessments that will help organizations select the right candidate (cognitive complexity capabilities that match complexity demands of the job) and develop a leader’s cognitive capabilities to handle the complexity demands of their job.  Leaders go from surviving to thriving!


By focusing on vertical development, leaders are now better equipped to make effective decisions, lead their team, and handle VUCA as business/market changes. They go from surviving to thriving.
When leaders operate at the right complexity level, organizations benefit financially (reduce costly decisions, increased capabilities to handle market/business changes). As organizations increase financials, they can focus on creating more jobs and opportunities in communities.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will be used to prepare the company for launch and find clients.  This will include website design, marketing materials, and registration fees for trade conferences (ATD and SHRM) to network and find potential clients.  Website design is estimated at $2,500.  Marketing Materials (design logo, design business cards, PowerPoint template, product/service logos) is estimated at $2,000.  ATD annual conference registration fee is $500.  SHRM annual conference registration fee is $1,500.

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About Becky Andree

Becky Andree, is a global expert on how to develop leaders to successfully navigate complex challenges & rapid change. She has worked across four continents with executives & leaders from Fortune 500 companies. Recently, Becky was responsible for designing & implementing global talent management initiatives at Arconic (leadership development, performance management, succession management, etc.). Becky recently left corporate job to focus on completing a PhD in Human Development & launching VLC.

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