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    You and your friends want to go see a movie. You look up nearby showtimes and realize everything playing looks sort of lame. That’s where IndieZone comes in. IndieZone is a small local indie movie theater that plays movies the majority of the public has yet to see.
    The opportunity to showcase works of art from other countries is what excites me the most about IndieZone. There are a plethora of movies from China, Japan, and other countries that could be deemed classics, but are never seen by the typical American. IndieZone will provide people a way to broaden their horizons through film.
    IndieZone is different from other local competitors due to what will be shown. Local theaters have resorted to big budget films and plays to sustain business. This brings me to the most obvious roadblock, if other local theaters cannot succeed playing niche films how will IndieZone? The answer is in marketing. IndieZone would have advertisements online, on tv, and on the radio.


    Not only would the general public benefit from seeing indie masterpieces, the film industry as a whole would. Studios would see the growing interest in the indie scene and start making more original thought provoking material. The potential to motivate the movie industry is outstanding. Works of art could be churned out at levels like never before once growing interest is perceived.

What I Will Do With $5,000

My $5000 would go into putting together an amazing presentation of what IndieZone could be. This presentation would be pitched to investors.

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