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Infknit Apparel

Infknit Apparel

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Inkfnit Apparel launched a successful Kickstarter campaign with 99 backers and $10,000 in sales. We sold two reversible pieces, a dress that consists of two different necklines, and a unisex long-sleeve. With a patent pending looping mechanism on the dress, it can be folded up from the bottom to create a color-blocking effect and change the length of the dress. We make scrunchies from the excess fabric of dress production as it contributes to our sustainability efforts. After gaining interest from males, we created a long sleeve shirt called the Back2Back. There is no completely reversible and sustainable company on the market, differentiating us from our competitors. Some businesses have similar values, but the versatility of our designs differentiates us. A road block remained the tariffs and trade laws associated with outsourcing fabric from another country. This was solved with the help from another student entrepreneur as well as an MSU faculty member.


Infknit Apparel will revolutionize the fashion industry by offering sustainably made clothing that can be worn an Infknit number of ways. Infknit Apparel is committed to developing a slow fashion brand that minimizes the everyday closet. We believe in the “fewer, better” principle of modern fashion. Minimalism is a fashion statement and an aspect of being socially and environmentally responsible. Infknit is for someone who wants to be fashion forward yet still be environmentally friendly.

What I Will Do With $5,000

If awarded the $5,000 Infknit Apparel would use the money to create prototypes for upcoming pieces. In the past, prototyping process costs over $500, and this is the anticipated cost for the rest of the Loop and Love Collection’s prototypes. So far, we have needed two or three prototypes per piece and we plan to release new pieces every 2 months. The prize money would also help cover downpayment for fabric and shipping costs.

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About Olivia Miller

I am a sophomore at Michigan State University. I enjoy skiing and traveling in my spare time when I am not working on my startup company with 3 other Michigan State students. I have one younger sister and she will also be attending MSU next fall. I also have a Yorkie dog named Zoey. My passion is for fashion. I have loved all things design and textiles since I was little. My hometown is Macomb, Michigan which is near the Metro-Detroit area.

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