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Metal crates work well but they don’t provide protection from impacts. If the worst happens, I want to keep my dog safe in the car.

Inflateacrate is made from durable marine fabrics, manufactured to withstand punctures and tears. It’s also designed to prevent your pets’ natural instinct to chew!

The soft base and opaque fabric designs mean you no longer have to waste money on crate pads and covers.

You can mount the crate in the trunk of an SUV, or for the pooches who like the breeze of an open window, the small and medium size crates fit on the back seats.

Space saving is another benefit. When not in use, the crate deflates for storage. You get your trunk back without the fiddle of collapsing a wire cube! Oh and it’s water resistant ... just in case.

So, please help us to create a cost effective, safer and innovative alternative to metal creates.


There are 43.3 million households in the US, who spend ~$68bn on pet services and products

Car Safety Stats:
84% of dog owners traveling with their dogs are not restraining them.

Only 16% of people who transport their dogs use proper safety restraints.

60% of dog owners have driven while distracted by their pets as passengers.

Providing an in-car safety crate for dogs, not only reduces injury to them but also potential road traffic incidents caused by drivers distracted by unrestrained dogs

What I Will Do With $5,000

Working with West Michigan based manufacturers,  we will use the 5k to prototype the CAD design and create our first physical Inflateacrate.

The prototype will be tested for its fabric durability and in-vehicle safety.

The ultimate aim is to produce a proof of concept, for Inflateacrate, backed by testing outcome data.

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About Ash Middleton

I moved to Grand Rapids from London UK and love it (apart from the winter...). Living in downtown GR I have first hand experience of the difficulties it presents for residents with dogs. I'm passionate about dog rescue and my rescue dog 'Bosco' was the inspiration for Dogs Butler. I am committed to making my business a success and have already made huge progress to stand it up. I want Dogs Butler to play its part in the ongoing regeneration of GR.

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