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Since I participated in 100 ideas, I have met with Steelcase and Spectrum University concerning the innobook idea. The reactions to the notebook have been very positive and now it’s ready for the next iteration. The current wire coil construction method wil be replaced with a proprietary hinge system that needs to be 3d printed and tested. This will eliminate excessive paper movement.


We all write with pencil and pen on paper during our busy day.  Research shows the dependency on paper, but the notebook design has remained untouched since it’s conception; until now.  By using paper technology, the innobook will change how students take notes in class, how mothers organize their to-do lists, how engineers brainstorm and it will bring stationary retail markets the next big thing.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Three uses for award money-

1- The innobook will debut at the National Stationary Show in New York City in February. The award money will be used for expo displays and show entrance fees.

2- Award money will also be used to create new proprietary hinges which will need 3d design and printing.

3- Printing equipment to brand the notebooks; screen printing supplies, hot foil stamp, and more paper supplies

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