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Integra CBD Products

Integra CBD Products

Gregory Hatt 785 Views

My name is Gregory & I created the vision for Integra CBD. I am very grateful to be before you here today. This is my third attempt in this contest and I am glad to be applying what I’ve learned at this & giving it another go.

Integra CBD has the unique opportunity to bring a diverse range of high-quality, hemp-derived CBD products to the community. We are here to raise the standard for CBD products while enjoying watching our friends reap the benefits of integrating them into their lives.

This is a fast pace and challenging industry, but with help we can continue moving forward with our tantalizing vision. Our outlook has never been brighter as we have officially launched our website & are moving closer to launching our own product lines.

This is an exciting time for all of us as we see a renaissance of health and abundance in our lives. Won’t you help us make our community a happier and healthier place? Join the CBD Movement and Vote for Integra CBD today.
Thank You!


Integra CBD is an idea that will benefit everyone in our community. When people are happier and healthier everyone wins. All of our relations are improved, and the ripple affect extends out and this new energy lifts the whole world higher. CBD has real potential to be a catalyst to create this very thing. While maintaining our focus on delivering the highest quality hemp-derived CBD products we follow a path which is committed to integrity along the way. Whatever it takes, we will make it there.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Integra CBD will gratefully accept $5,000 to strongly invest in product inventory. The company needs the ability to increase our purchasing power and launch our own product lines. We will leverage this $5,000 by quickly turning it into $10,000 as we distribute products & meet demand for CBD in our community. This $10,000 then will be reinvested back into more products and turned into $20,000 and so on and so forth. With a kick-start of capital our company can grow to its full potential. Thanks!

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About Gregory Hatt

Warmest Greetings, My name is Gregory Hatt, the visionary of Integra CBD. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in another 5x5 Night. In my previous attempts I failed to secure enough votes to pitch, but this time I have a different strategy. I am a twenty-nine year old father and entrepreneur living in Grand Rapids. I love life and being outdoors in fantastic natural areas. I grew up in Grand Haven and graduated from GVSU in Liberal Studies. Thanks for checking out Integra CBD!

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