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Izoras Beauty Bar

Izoras Beauty Bar

Sydnee Dawson 250 Views

I am proud to be able to present all natural products to the city of Grand Rapids. I am a young business owner but this will only allow me to continue to come with fresh ideas and more natural products for people to use not only as facials but for different type of skin conditions as well. I’m set different from other businesses because i am offering mobile beauty services that aren’t only healthy for my client, but also for the earth and the community as well. I’m excited for what the world has to offer for me and i’m ready to offer the same type of love and nourishment back into the world.


There is not one particular group that benefits from my products because it can easily appeal to all crowds. My products can potentially help people with severe acne, eczema, psoriasis and more skin conditions that people have to deal with on the daily basis. I plan on making products that are inexpensive for my clients so they can live their daily lives without worrying about their insecurities.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Currently my facial masks take at the least 30-50 dollars to make about 6 facial masks. This includes the natural products i use to make them and the tools, the glass jars and the box they are delivered in, the logo that goes on the jar and decoration, the shipment fee, and the gas that it takes to deliver. With the money i’d like to come up with other products as far as natural bars of soap, cleansers, shampoo etc. and with these ideas i need the equipment to make sure they’re properly made.

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About Sydnee Dawson

I am 21 years old born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI. I came up with my business idea while i was in medical school in 2016/2017. We learned about skin and i was so interested. People always tell me I have good skin and asked me what i used all the time. I realized all I really used were natural products. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away. His mothers name was Izora and my first time seeing a photo of her was after he passed. Her skin was beautiful like mine and DING! Izoras Beauty Bar

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